STUDENT TARDIES/EARLY PICK UP

    Student attendance is imperative. No student shall be tardy in his/her arrival for school or class,
    without permission or excuse by school officials. No student who attends school during any
    portion of any school day shall thereafter leave the school grounds prior to the end of the school

    day without permission or excuse from school personnel.

    The following are recognized as excused tardies/early pick up:
    • Personal illness
    • Quarantine
    • Death in the immediate family
    • Medical or dental appointment
    • Court or administrative procedure
    • Religious observance
    • Absences that in the judgment of the principal have an educational value at least as great
    as that received during an equal amount of time in the classroom and permitted only if a
    comparable opportunity shall not be available at a time other than during school hours
    • Miscellaneous causes of an emergency nature approved by the principal or assistant


    Excessive tardies result in being contacted by administration and recurring unexcused tardies/early pick ups may result in serving in or out of school suspension.