School Improvement Plan

  • The School Improvement Team meetings will be held the following Mondays begining promptly at 3pm in the Multipurpose Room.  Hope to see you there!  During our August 27th SIT meeting, Mr. James Beasley-Mungin was elected to serve as Chairman, Ms. Jolanda Jordan is Principal of Bragg Street Academy, and Mrs. Daria Fedrick will serve as Secretary for the 2018-2019 school year. 


     August 27, 2018

     October 1, 2018

     November 26, 2018

     December 3, 2018

     February 3, 2019

     March 18,2019 

     April 8, 2019

What's Happening At Bragg Street Academy

  • This school year Bragg Street Academy was awarded a grant which enabled us to start a Flag Football League.  The grant was submitted by Mr. Samuel Lahr through Fuel Up To Play 60 and has been very popular with the students.  Ms. Bethea (P.E) runs the activity on Fridays after lunch on campus.


    Congratulations to our September Student of the Month...


    My name is Sarah Ramos and I am a 15 year old sophomore at Bragg Street Academy.  In my free time I like to color, write, and listen to music. My favorite color is pink (but I would call it an obsession) because I just love the color pink.  One day I plan to become a tattoo artist and body piercer. My favorite class at Bragg Street Academy is Art. I think the Liveschool system that we use is a good way to reward good behavior.

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