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    Bell rings at 8:00. If children arrive after 8:05 they are considered tardy.
    8:00-8:10- Unpack, Make lunch choices, Announcements
    8:10-8:30- Phonics instruction- Review Group Work
    8:30-10:00- Reading Groups/ small group instruction
    10:00-10:45- Math 
    10:45-10:55- Prepare for Lunch
    10:50-11:20- Lunch
    11:20-11:30- Bathroom
    11:30-11:45- Quiet Time
    11:45-12:15- Unit Time
    12:20-1:00- Resource
    A- Computer Lab   B- Art   C- PE   D- Library  E- Music
    1:00-1;30- Writing
    1:30-1:45-Snack (children will need to bring a healthy sanck each day)
    1:45-2:15- Outside Time/ Excersise in the room
    2:15-3:00- Pack up/Dismissal