Engineering at LCHS:


    The engineering classes use Paxton/Paterson's CAREERplus and CAREERplus2 labs.

    This curriculum provides 20 days of high energy multimedia instruction with 4 students participating in each Integrated Instructional Unit (IIU). The content is delivered by customizable interactive multimedia. All IIUs are closed-captioned.

    With a heavy emphasis on the inter-relationship of science, engineering and technology, the 11 CAREERplus Integrated Instructional Units are aligned to the Common Career Technical Core and support Next Generation Science Standards. Each IIU demonstrates deep alignment through testing and rubric assessments.

    It is a capstone STEM Learning Systems program that takes students through a rigorous 180-day program with an emphasis on engineering. Programs place students in a virtual internship, working for an engineering consulting firm. Student teams are engaged in authentic engineering work, solving real-world problems and competing to win professional contracts.

    Designed with the express purpose of being inclusive so all students, not just the academically gifted, would have an opportunity to experience STEM learning. The combination of the CAREERplus Foundations program and the CAREERplus2 Application program enables students of various abilities to participate in a rigorous course.



    Foundations of Engineering Part A (Honors) Syllabus & Expectations

    Applications of Engineering Part A (Honors) Syllabus & Expectations