• Tennis

    Tennis Curriculum Overview:

    Tennis at Lee County High School is taught during our 9th grade PE classes and our Advanced PE classes. 


    • Service starts in the rt. service court.
    • The same person serves the entire game.
    • The serve must land in the service box or a fault is charged.
    • Two serves are given each time before a double fault is called and the pt. is awarded to the other team.
    • If a ball lands on the line it is called “IN”.



    • Love = 0 points
    • 1st Point = 15
    • 2nd Point = 30
    • 3rd Point = 40
    • 4th Point = Game
    • Tied at 40 = Duece
    • “Ad In” = Next point gained by server after deuce.
    • “Ad Out” = Next point gained by receiver after deuce.
    • Must win by 2 points to win game.
    • 6 games wins a set.
    • A match is won by winning the best 2 out of 3 sets.




    Ground Stroke: Strokes made after the ball bounces on the ground to keep your opponent at the baseline.

    Volley: A stroke made by hitting a short ball close to the net before the ball has bounced for the purpose of angling the ball away from your opponent.

    Overhead: Similar to a smash or kill shot.

    Lob: A high or lofted shot to the back court, used in defense of a player that has come to the net.

    Let: A serve that hits the top of the net but is otherwise good