• Portion Distortion

    Courtesy - Collen Green M-Fit

    If you have eaten out recently, you have probably seen that serving
    sizes are getting bigger and bigger.  Some portions are called "super
    size", while others have just grown bigger, sometimes big enough for two
    people.  With this increase in portion size has also come an increase in
    our weight and waistlines.  Below are some changes in portion sizes in
    just the last 20 years.

    --a bagel used to be 3 inches in diameter and have 140 calories.
    Today's bagels are generally 6 inches and have 350 calories. It would
    take you about 50 minutes of at least moderate exercise to burn off
    those extra calories.

    --a portion of spaghetti and meatballs used to be one cup of noodles and
    had 500 calories. Today's average portion has 1,025 calories, and it
    would take you approximately an extra 2 hours and 35 minutes of moderate
    exercise to burn off those calories. 

    --a turkey sandwich used to have 320 calories.  Today's average turkey
    sandwich has 820 calories.  It would take you one hour and 25 minutes to
    burn off these extra calories.

    -- a muffin 20 years ago was 1.5 ounces and had 210 calories.  Today's
    average muffin is 5 ounces and has 500 calories.  You would need to
    exercise about one hour and 30 minutes to get rid of these excess

    So be aware of what you are eating, especially when you eat out.  Often
    you can take a meal served you and immediately set one-half of it aside
    for your next meal.  Doggie bags are not just for pups--they are one of
    the best ways to keep your waistline in check and keep your weight in a
    healthy range.