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    Dear Parent/Guardian:


    Below I have circled the areas that your child (______________________) had difficulties with during Physical Education today (___________).  Please talk with your child about his/her performance during Physical Education. ***( Refer to JR Ingram Webpage, Faculty / Staff Mr. Ard, A – E Day Calendar to determine what day your child has PE.)***


    1. Talking


    2. Self - Control


    3. Following Directions


    4. Disrespect


    5. No Sneakers (Tennis Shoes)    



    As of 8/25/10: Students must wear closed toe/ closed heel shoes and be securely fastened. Tennis shoes are a great choice, because this allows for easy movement and protection. This also allows students to have ideal footwear for the required 30 minutes of required physical activity each day.


    The following types of shoes will no longer be allowed: Flip flops, Rainbows, Clogs, Crocs, Sandals, Platform Shoes, No heel over 1 ½ inches. (Page 20 Lee County Student Code of Conduct)


    I can be reached at 774-3772 if you need to talk with me or to set up a conference. Thank you for your support in this matter.



    Andrew Ard



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