• Realityworks RealCare Baby 3, Infant Simulator | Studica
    The students enrolled in Child Development must complete the infant simulation. They will have a packet of information for parents to sign.  Students and parents/caretakers will be made fully aware of their responsibilities for completing and taking care of our RealCare Babies.  They have to complete a daily journal. These are 3-major test grades. This offers experiential learning by providing students with experience that helps them make informed decisions about parenting.  This is an authentic task that helps the student explore the emotional, financial, and social consequences of parenting.  The baby simulators will be checked out by students for one selected weekend providing parents have signed authorization for students to receive simulators.  These simulators must be returned on the first day students return for the following week.  Students are not allowed to substitute caretakers!  They are held responsible and accountable for baby simulators!