Drill Team

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    A commonly heard motto at many a North Carolina Drill meet, the phrase echoes from the voices of our Lee County Drill Team. Our JROTC drill team is a highly competitive group of high school cadets that compete in the art of drill and ceremonies. Not only that, but they proudly shine with every command they give and execute.
    As do most JROTC drill teams, we practice and compete in two styles of drilling. The first is regulation drill. This portion of the drill team greatly resembles the drill and ceremonies that are practiced at school during the second half of class. The only difference is that our drill team is "drilled" to perfection, with every move hardened and trimmed to the highest quality achievable.
    The second portion of the Lee County Drill Team is Exhibition. Dedicated, determined, and also creative, our exhibition, more commonly known as "fancy," drill team exhibits the more spontaneous and creative side of what the Army's drill and ceremonies could be. Fancy drill can involve anything from spinning rifles, foot stomping rhythms, or even exchanging rifles by passing them in a toss to one another. Exhibition drill is, to say the least, the near unrestricted regulation drill as far as what movements you can make. It has to be seen to truly experience it.
    Both teams, under the command of Drill team commander (TBD)  and Drill team First Sergeant (TBD) are open to any cadet who wishes to try out and has a desire to attend practices. The competition levels that our drill team participates in includes the following:
    For Regulation and Fancy drill:
    Platoon with arms
    Platoon without arms
    Duo with arms
    Duo without arms
    Squad with arms
    Squad without arms
    Individual with arms
    The Drill team meets for practice from 3:15 to 4:30 P.M. after school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    For any further questions you can reach the Drill Team Coach, SFC (RET) O'Kelley at:
    Phone: 919-776-7541 ex: 2581