•  North Carolina Identity Management System (NCID) Account
    To Request an Account:
    Contact the Human Resources Department at 919-774-6226.

    To Claim Account:
    Account must be claimed within 14 days or it will automatically delete.

    Please go to this website: https://ncid.nc.gov

    1. Human Resources will provide you with a username and temporary password.  Log in the first time with your user name and temporary password.  
    2. Once logged in the system will prompt you to change your password.  
    3. Set up challenge questions and responses.
    4. You will be automatically logged out of system.
    5. Log back into the system using your new password.
    Should you get locked out of your NCID account or forget your password go to the login page and follow the appropriate link (forgot password or unlock account).
    Should your account become deactivated please contact the Human Resources Department.