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     How Do I Know If School Is Cancelled or Delayed?
    When bad weather forces the closing of school, local and regional media outlets are notified.
    Announcements are placed on the Lee County Schools website and recorded on the Lee County Schools Central Office voice mail system (919-774-6226). An AlertNow phone message is also sent to parents (contact your child's school with questions about AlertNow).
    An announcement to cancel school or to delay opening will be made by 6 a.m.

    The following radio and TV stations will be notified:

    Radio Stations Television Stations
    WWGP 1050 AM WRAL Channel 5/Cable 3
    WPTF 680 AM WTVD Channel 11/Cable 12
    WFJA 105.5 FM WUVC-TV40 Channel 40/Cable 6
    WQDR 94.7 FM WNCN Channel 17/Cable 5
    WRAL 101.5 FM WBF Channel 46/Cable 16
    WDCG 105.1 FM    
    WRSN 93.9 FM    
    WRDU 106.1 FM    
    WTRG 100.7 FM    
    WLHC 103.1 FM