Dear Parent or Guardian,

                I’m looking forward to a successful and rewarding semester for all my students. It is my belief that a theatre class will increase confidence and self-esteem for any students, while academic and performance work will enhance their creativity and imagination. It is important to me that your child succeeds in my class. I know that, working together, we can help them grow and develop to their full potential. I’m making a commitment to you and your child to make Theatre a beneficial and rewarding experience. If you any questions please contact me at your earliest convenience. Again, I look forward to a successful school year.


    Course Information

    Theatre Arts Beginning is a course designed for the students who are interested in drama and stage work, both in performance and behind the scenes. Instruction will be given in speech production, play design, theatre history, and the principles of stage craft. Students will participate in monologues and scenes performances and self-directed work.  Students will be involved in a public performance.

    Theatre Arts Intermediate will help students receive more in-depth lecture on Theatre history while building character development.  Students will be involved in public performances afterschool. Students will have the opportunity to travel to San-Lee Middle School to work with students that are interested in performing arts.

    Theatre Arts Proficient Honors III-IV emphasis on developing leadership roles of theatre activities. Students will develop their skills to an advanced level in all facets of their theatre. Students will be involved in a public performance after school. Selected students will be involved in an internship during the spring semester.


    * Syllabus upon request. 


    Director Chair