For Parents wishing to keep up with the virtial learning students are participating in during this quarantine time, check out this site to learn more about how to access Canvas: https://bit.ly/LCSParentCanvas
    This is my 17th year teaching, my 15th at Southern Lee High School. I am also the National Honor Society adviser for Southern Lee.  
    I hold high expectations for students, but I am also willing to provide support for any student wishing to improve their performance in class. I offer tutorials on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school till 4:15, and on Wednesday mornings before school. I will inform students if there is some reason I cannot stay after school.
    Students have access to course materials via the Canvas program, which they access through their NCEd accounts. This means students can access assignments, even when they are absent.
    Ruth Bivans



    Fall 2021

    Spring 2022

    8:00 to 9:35



    9:40 to 11:10

    American History I

    American History II Honors

    11:15 to 1:20      

    American History II Honors American History II 

    1:25 to 3:00

    American History II Honors

    American History II