• Syllabus & Classroom for Honors Precalculus

    Fall 2022

    Elaine Everts                                                                           1st Block: 8:00-9:35 AM

    Best Contact Method eeverts.sl@lee.k12.nc.us                                 2nd Block: 9:40-11:10 AM

    (919) 718-2400  x2168                                                                        3rd Block: 11:15-1:20 PM(Planning)

    Office Hours: Monday or Thursday                                        4th Block: 1:25-3:00 PM

    Prerequisite: NC Honors Math 3 or Math 4                                                   Grades: 10, 11, 12


    Course Description: The purpose of Precalculus is to build upon the study of algebra, functions, and trigonometry experienced in previous high school mathematics courses.  This course will build on students’ algebraic skills and understanding of functions to delve into real world phenomena and to deepen their understanding of the functions in the course.  The overall purpose of honors courses is to provide a more rigorous curriculum in which instruction is expanded and special activities focus appropriately on both depth and breadth of content. Teachers may place additional emphasis on the application of content within each course. This course is designed for students pursuing careers in STEM-related fields.  Students will be prepared for Calculus, AP Calculus and any entry-level college course. 


    Canvas:  This course will be using the CANVAS platform.  There you will find daily lessons, notes, videos, assignments, discussions, and other course information.  The course is broken up into Modules (Units) then days. 


    School Email: Check your school email frequently throughout the day for district, school, and course updates.


    Assignments:  Your assignments will be posted in Canvas and/or Delta Math.  It is the expectation that you will complete each assignment daily.  Your assignment should be completed by the start of the next day so that you may ask questions if you are not sure of material. It will be considered late otherwise.  To receive full credit, you are to show your work in your notebook. 


    Late Work: You may make up 4 late assignments in each interim, a total of 8 each quarter. 


    PowerSchool Grades: Your assignments will be labeled like the following as Day 1 Canvas Title of assignment. Daily participation will be labeled week 1, week 2, etc and will be considered a minor assignment. Attendance is required!!! If you miss more than 8 days you will be required to make up these days during Saturday School. 


    We will have PowerSchool check-ins each Wednesday. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding your grades.  We will discuss any discrepancies privately and not during instructional time.  


    Course Expectations: Be polite and respectful, Be prepared, Be on time!


    Grading Scale:  A 100-90, B 89-80, C 79-70, D 69-60, F 59-0


    Honors Precalculus Course Weights: Major Assignments 50% (Quizzes, Unit Tests or Projects)

                                                                Minor Assignments 50% (Daily assignments, TOTD and Warm-ups)




    Required Materials:  Computer with access to internet, loose-leaf notebook paper, 3 ringed binder with 7 dividers or 7 folders, pencils, colored pencils are recommended




    Unit 1: Building Mathematical Community with Parent Functions & Key Features

    Unit 2: Complex Numbers, Matrices & Vectors

    Unit 3: Extending Polynomials & Rational Functions

    Unit 4: Compositions & Inverse Functions

    Unit 5: Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

    Unit 6: Trigonometry (2 Tests for Unit)

    Unit 7: Parametrics           

    Review for Final Exam


    Helpful Apps for Mobile Devices:  Desmos, CamScanner, Canvas, PowerSchool, Quizizz




    Leave the excuses at the door.

    If you didn’t do your homework, just admit it.

    If you didn’t understand the assignment, ask for help.

    If you didn’t study for the test, accept the grade and 

    resolve to do better next time.

    If you choose not to follow the expectations, you will

     accept the consequences.

    This is OUR classroom and we are here to LEARN!

    I am here:

    To Teach You,

    To Inspire You,

    To Help You Grow!