Helping Students Choose Success

    1. Education is the key to future success.
    2. All people should be treated with respect and kindness.
    3. Conflicts can be resolved peacefully.
    4. Bragg Street students and staff members are confident, positive and intelligent.


    1. Be prepared to work.
    2. Refrain from inappropriate speech.
    3. Always follow directions.
    4. Go where assigned.
    5. Give respect.


    1. Increase student achievement.
    2. Enhance and maintain a safe, orderly and aesthetically pleasing environment.
    3. Applied Control Theory.
    4. Positive Behavior Support.
    5. Personalized Education Plan.

    Reminders of Some Basic Rules

    1. Mask should be worn above the nose and over your mouth throughout the day.
    2. All students should remain in the class.
    3. Bathroom times will be scheduled by your teachers.
    4. Phone use in the front office is for emergencies.
    5. Cell Phones are not allowed on campus.
    6. Breakfast and Lunch will be served in the classrooms. 
    7. No book bags on campus. 
    8. No personal electronic devices (laptops) are allowed on campus as of 4/27/22.

    Reminders of Dress Code

    1. Masks should be worn throughout the day. 
    2. Hats will be collected like cell phones at the door. 
    3. Hoods should not be worn in the classroom. 
    4. No Slides.
    5. No Blankets. 
    6. Pants pulled up. 
    7. Shorts and Skirts at fingertip length. 
    8. Holes in your pants should be below the knee.

    Reminders of Non-Negotiable Rules

    1. No lighters on Campus
    2. No Vapes on Campus 
    3. No Drugs or Alcohol on Campus 
    4. No fighting on Campus