• AIG and Advanced Learning in Grades 4-5

    You may view the K-13 Continuum of AIG Services and Advanced Learning Opportunities available in Lee County Schools.     

    Pull-Out Lessons with AIG Specialists

    • AIG Specialists teach pull-out classes of reading, math, and intellectually gifted students to extend, enrich, and accelerate the Standard Course of Study (SCOS), explore student interest, and provide opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and problem solving. These classes may include students identified as reading-only, math-only, intellectually-only, or any combination of those gifted areas.
    • AIG Specialists may incorporate lessons and activities such as: 
      • Book Club / Novel Studies
      • Young Authors Contest
      • Exercises from Caesar's English
      • Noetic Math Competition
      • Hands-On Equations 
      • Science Olympiad STEM activities 
      • Living Wax Museum History Projects
      • Who Was? Books and History Bee
    • Specialists will develop and teach lessons to understand what it means to be gifted, and to address the social and emotional needs of gifted students. 

    Talent Development

    • Students who show the potential for AIG identification but who do not yet meet the criteria for identification can still participate in the Talent Development program. 
    • Specialists push into classrooms or pull small groups of students who participate in the Talent Development program to help develop critical thinking skills and problem solving.
    • Students participating in Talent Development continue to be monitored and may be reassessed to determine if they meet the criteria for AIG identification in 4th and 5th grades. 

     Additional Opportunities

    • Students receive differentiated curriculum in the area of identification in the regular classroom with their general education teacher.
    • A variety of whole-class encore lessons are offered in Arts Education, which may include Visual Arts, Music, Theater, and/or Dance depending on teacher availability.