• Civics and Economics Syllabus
    Lee County High School
    Ron McLamb
    2021 - 2022

    Welcome to Civics and Economics with Mr. McLamb!
    This syllabus will discuss all the information that students will need to know to be successful in this course.


    Civics and Economics is a mandatory course that all students of Lee County must pass in order
    to graduate. You will be given every opportunity to pass this course. But in order to be successful, you need to come to school every day & work hard while you are here!
    The course will follow North Carolina’s Essential Standards.


    We will be using Civics Today in this course. Students will not be taking the textbooks home.
    An online version of the textbook is available on Canvas.

    Course Needs:

    Students are required to bring the following supplies to class every day:
    Pencils & Notebook paper
    All assigned work

    Grading Policy:

    There will be a final exam at the end of this course, which is cumulative. This test will account
    for 20% of the final grade. The remaining 80% will come from classwork, homework, tests, and
    The breakdown of the 80% is as follows.
    Tests/Projects 40 %
    Quizzes 30 %
    Daily Work (Homework/Classwork) 30%

    All grades will be posted online for the students and parents to view. Grades will be updated
    every Friday afternoon.

    Attendance Policy:

    After a student is absent, the student is responsible for checking with the instructor to get any
    assignments they missed. It is the responsibility of the student to complete all missed
    assignments and turn them in.

    Attendance is essential to success and as such absences should be limited. Students that miss
    more than 8 days per semester will be referred to Saturday School to make up their time or they
    will not receive credit for the course.
    Tardy Policy:

    According to the LCHS Tardy Policy all students must be in the classroom when the bell rings. If
    you are not in the classroom you are tardy. Your belongings being in the classroom does not
    mean you are in the classroom.

    The LCHS discipline policy for tardies is as follows:

    4 tardies: Teacher contacts parent
    5 tardies: Student is assigned After-School Detention
    o Students who fail to report to ASD will be assigned a full day of ISS

    Homework Policy:

    Homework is an integral part of the curriculum and essential to reinforcing material that was
    taught in class. Any assigned homework will be posted on the board and on Canvas. Students
    will be responsible for turning in the homework at the beginning of each class.

    Redo/Incomplete Policy:

    Assignments receiving a grade of 79 or below are eligible for redo/retake for a grade no
    higher than a 80
    All assignments prior to the assignment must be completed before submitting a
    You may only submit a redo/retake for an assignment ONCE
    Assignments not turned in at all in the appropriate time frame are NOT eligible for
    You have one week to complete a missed test/quiz
    You have one week from the DUE DATE to submit a late assignment for a 20% off

    Classroom Rules and Discipline Policy:

    All school rules are to be followed and every student is expected to follow the Student Code of
    Conduct in my classroom.

    For misbehavior in class, students will receive first receive a warning. If the behavior continues,
    then a conversation between the student and teacher will take place to determine what can be
    done to correct the behavior. Parent(s) will be notified if the student continues to misbehave and
    administration will be consulted.

    This policy is for routine, day-to-day, procedure. This policy will not be used in regards to
    fighting, insubordination, or obvious disrespect toward faculty or staff.

    Academic Integrity Policy:

    In accordance to the LCHS Academic Honesty Policy, all students have a responsibility to
    follow the LCHS ethical guidelines and act with integrity and honesty. Students will take
    responsibility for their own actions and consequences. The discipline process in the Academic
    Honesty Policy will be followed in cases of academic dishonesty. Refer to the LCHS Academic
    Honest Policy for more information.
    Technology Policy:

    Chromebooks or Personal Devices: The instructor will indicate when it is appropriate for
    devices to be used in the classroom. If devices are being misused in the classroom, the instructor
    will confiscate the device for the remainder of the class. If the misuse becomes habitual then
    administration will be notified.

    Students should not use another student’s device. If the device has gone missing, then the
    student must notify the instructor immediately!

    Cellphones: Cellphones are NOT allowed in the academic buildings. Students will have the
    opportunity to turn off their cellphones or put them on SILENT at the beginning of class. If a
    student uses a cellphone in class, they are in violation of classroom and school policies and
    disciplinary actions will be taken.

    Class Resources & Social Media:

    Several resources will be used in this class to keep parents and students informed of class
    activities, assignments, and important information.

    Canvas will be updated with the class assignments for the day. Students can refer to it
    whenever they are absent for information.
    Canvas will be used for students to turn in assignments. Each student will be invited to
    join Canvas from their Lee County Canvas account

    ***Please keep this syllabus for future reference and return the last page to Mr. McLamb.***

    Contact Information:
    Ron McLamb
    Lee County High School
    (919) 776-7541 ex. 2586

    *E-mail is the best way to reach me. I will do my best to return all e-mails within 24 hrs