• NC Math 1 Course Information

    Lee County High School



    Course Description 

    Math 1 is the first high school math course with a focus on equations and inequalities; linear, exponential, and quadratic functions.  In this course, students will receive a variety of instructions, including class lecture, supplementary materials, multimedia, computer technology, video presentations, and group activities.  After students successfully complete this course they will be able to enroll in Math 2. 



    • Writing Utensils - pencils, pens, highlighters
    • Earbuds or Headphones
    • Spiral Notebook
    • Walch Workbook (provided to students)
    • Any boxes of Kleenex, Clorox Wipes, paper towels, or pencils for the classroom would be greatly appreciated


    Math 1 Curriculum (Fall)

    Unit 1 - Equations & Introduction to Functions

    Unit 2 - Linear Functions

    Unit 3 - Introduction Exponential Functions

    Unit 4 - Quadratic Equations & Functions

    Unit 5 - Systems

    Unit 6 - Statistics


    Mastering the Content

    Lessons and activities provide students with learning opportunities to engage with and master the Math 1 content.  It is important for students to be present and complete assignments on time to help with their understanding of the material.  



    Students can expect to complete a warm up at the beginning of each class, small checks for understanding for each lesson and larger unit assessments after each unit is completed.  

    Grades will be a combination of the warmups, checks for understanding, assessments, and classwork.

    The gradebook will be updated on a weekly basis and will reflect the student’s current mastery of the content.


    Canvas & Google Meet 

    Canvas will be a key resource for students throughout the year.  We will use Google Meet for instruction and small group work.


    Extra Help and Retaking Assessments

    Students will have the opportunity to redo or make corrections to any assignment.  If a student needs to redo an assessment, they will be able to watch a refresher video or be invited to a review session.

    Students should email their teacher when they redo or make corrections to an assignment.


    Textbooks and Calculators

    Students will have access to virtual textbook resources through Canvas.

    We will use the Desmos calculator.  It is available at www.desmos.com/testing/northcarolina/graphing. You can also download the Desmos app to a personal device for use at home.  We may also use a graphing calculator during class.