• Lee County High School

    Physical Education


    Physical Education can be a very rewarding experience teaching life skills and developing character. It is our desire that you grow from this course. In order to accomplish all of our goals, we must have cooperation on the part of every student. Each student is expected to meet the following guidelines:


    Due to the circumstances of the pandemic, PE will be conducted with some changes. We will not be wearing gym uniforms. We will not be using locker rooms or bathrooms to change into clothes. Students should come already dressed and ready to participate on the days of PE.



    The following information is what will or will not be accepted as appropriate attire. No tank tops, spaghetti straps, or midriff tops. I'm only allowing crew neck t-shirts. No polo, scoop neck, or v-neck shirts.



    Yoga pants, leggings, Spandex, and like her material is allowed only if the T-shirt Falls completely below the bottom of the student. No blue jean shorts. No excessive holes in the pants. Shorts are to be mid-thigh length or longer. Mesh, cotton and pollyblends are best considering it's going to be very warm until October. Students are encouraged to bring shorts for verification if they are unsure.



    Rubber-soled bottoms. Velcro is okay. No laces like Vans are acceptable as long as they stay on the feet. No Crocs, flip-flops, sandals, sperrys, or boots.


    Class Procedures: We will spend two weeks in the gym followed by two weeks and help. Gym is worth 50% of a student's grade so it is important that they come ready to participate. Being in the correct gym attire is part of that 50%. Please discuss with your child the importance of not using their cell phone while in gym class. They will have the opportunity to lock it up. PE is a required course in order to graduate. Please be at your assigned location by the beginning of class. Teacher will take roll at the tardy bell. At the end of the activity time, students will be dismissed by the teacher (not the bell). Please do not leave an assigned area ever unless dismissed by your teacher. Being caught in the incorrect area will be considered skipping.


    Respect: Respect is required of all students. As an activity class, expectations for student activity are different than in a classroom with desks. However, student conduct is expected to be maintained. Horseplay is not allowed and students are to be quiet and attentive whale direction and instructions are being given. Do not violate other students or other classes’ space. Be respectful of all PE teachers and all other students.



    The material students will need for health class are headphones, pen, pencil, and a notebook. I will provide them with other items.



    If your child has a medical issue please feel free to contact me and let me know what is going on. My number is 776-7541. My email is cpatterson.ls@lee.k12.nc.us.  Please be patient with your child because transitioning from Middle School PE to high school will take some adjustments. Let me know how I can help!