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    The Six Critical Components of a Multi-tiered System of Supports: MTSS is built on a strong foundation of six critical components, which have been vetted through North Carolina practitioners and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  This link is to the NCDPI description of each of the six components- Leadership, Building the Capacity/Infrastructure for Implementation, Communication and Collaboration, Data-Based Problem Solving, Three Tiered Instructional/Intervention Model, and Data-Evaluation.

    Leadership- Keeping MTSS on Track summarizes the most common implementation errors that can derail MTSS implementation. Common errors and their descriptions are listed. General solutions to address or repair the error and links to NC MTSS resources available to support these efforts are offered. 

    Building the Capacity/Infrastructure for Implementation The FAM-S is intended to be used within a facilitated administration setting which would allow the district personnel to review evidence to support the school team’s proposed score. NC DPI recommends an annual facilitated administration between April and June. The facilitated administration should be led by the District MTSS Coordinator and/or another member of the District MTSS Team. The instrument can be used at any time as an implementation self-report and guide for school leadership teams.

    Communication and Collaboration A carefully designed and used Communication Plan validates how stakeholders
    are included in the development of the organizations implementation capacity for systemic change “so everyone can see they have a role to play.

    Data-Based Problem Solving- The North Carolina MTSS Beliefs Survey contains items designed to measure educator beliefs about student learning, problem-solving, and expectations for instructional effectiveness. The Florida instrument was modified to update the language and align with North Carolina’s MTSS model. 

     Three Tiered Instructional/Intervention ModelGuide to Tiered Instruction and Intervention (full guide) is a guide to the processes, procedures, tools, supports and best practices for building and maintaining a healthy tiered system of instruction and intervention for Lee County Schools. This guide is a living document and will be regularly updated with new information and supports to best serve our learners, families, instructors, instructional leaders and teams. 

    Data-Evaluation- An effective and efficient data system is essential for successful implementation of a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS). However, prior to selecting an appropriate system, schools and districts must identify what its staff and community need and what resources the district or school has to support an MTSS data system. This two-step tool can help teams to consider both what their needs are and to evaluate available tools against those needs.