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     PEPI Physicial Education Pupil Instruction

     The PEPI, Physical Education Pupil Instructor Program is an elective class for Juniors and Seniors who have an interest in working with children in various careers.  You may be considering owning your own Daycare, you may want to manage a YMCA or perhaps you want to own a Gymnastic/Acro Facility to promote gymnastics. great health,and fitness activities  You may be interested in numerous possibilities of health care options  with children and the list goes on.  Students will be in the field, literally the playground or classroom teaching depending upon the weather.  Virtual instruction with workout and fitness videos in addition to videos that are animated were very successful in Virtual instruction.  Introduction to what does a PE teacher actually teach along with lesson plans, preparation, and class expectations will have you prepared for your experiences.  You will be confident as you enter these classrooms, and the experiences will be life changing.

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    Ms. Vicki Wilkins