•  North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Resources for

    Multi-Tiered System Of Supports


    NC MTSS Implementation Guide: The purpose of this LiveBinder is to explicitly outline processes, practices, and resources necessary to establish a Multi-Tiered System  of Supports (NC MTSS). This LiveBinder is a companion to the blended professional development created and delivered by the Division of Integrated Academic and Behavior Systems (IABS) at the NC Department of Public Instruction. The blended professional development is delivered through face-to-face and online content from the NC IABS Consultants to District MTSS Teams.

    NCDPI-Integrated Academic and Behavior Systems (IABS): The IABS team supports the work of implementing and sustaining a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework through the lens of data, systems and practices for all students. The MTSS framework for districts and schools focuses on academics and behavior from Pre-K through 12th grade.  

    NCSTAR: NCStar is a web-based tool that guides a district or school team in charting its improvement and managing the continuous improvement process. NCStar builds accountability as well as helps schools track their improvement plans. NCStar is premised on the firm belief that district and school improvement is best accomplished when directed by the people, working in teams, closest to the students.

    NC MTSS Implementers Site: This site is intended for MTSS & PBIS Coordinators, District MTSS Teams, School MTSS Teams, Leadership, and MTSS Implementers across North Carolina to support the work on MTSS Implementation, provide opportunities for networking, and share resources.

    Social Emotional Learning Implementation: North Carolina has created an implementation plan for scaling up integrated social emotional learning across our state.  We are establishing our working groups; developing a shared, statewide vision; assessing our needs and resources; developing our communication plan; and aligning our resources and policies. (This resource contains links to free online courses and free resources for SEL)

    Strategic Stakeholder Communication: This link connects to NCDPI's IABS/MTSS Communication Briefs.

    Facilitated Assessment of MTSS - School Level (FAM-S): The NC FAM-S measures school-level
    implementation of NC MTSS. The purpose of administration and its resulting data is to help school and district-level personnel identify and prioritize implementation steps. The instrument contains 41 items in 6 domains (Leadership, Building Capacity/Infrastructure for Implementation, Communication and Collaboration, Data-based Problem-solving, Three-tiered Instruction/Intervention Model, and Data-Evaluation).

    NC Early Numeracy Skills Indicator (NC ENSI): The NC ENSI are validated math measures (K-5) for screening and progress monitoring the most critical numeracy concepts. The measures are offered free, for optional and flexible use to all districts and charter schools in North Carolina.

    Every Child Accountability & Tracking System (ECATS) - Early Warning System : ECATS is comprised of three integrated modules accessed from a single user interface based upon role security: Special Education, Service Documentation, and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) modules. The MTSS module offers NCDPI and PK-13 Educational Institutions a means to collect and report on the instruction and interventions a school uses to support students including the outcomes of those supports.