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    NCHSAA Crash Course Concussion Education Video - TeachAIds

    NCHSAA Crash Course Concussion Education Video

    CrashCourse | Concussion Education is concussion education reimagined for today's generation. See what it's like to experience a concussion during a football game and learn the latest information about the prevention, identification, and treatment of concussions.

    Featuring former Stanford football players and current NFL players, including the Washington Football Team's running back Bryce Love, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Trenton Irwin, and Denver Broncos defensive back Alijah Holder.

    Learn more at https://crashcourse.teachaids.org/ Watch the full interactive version and receive a concussion education certificate of completion at https://teachaids.org/crashcourse-certification/

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    Length: 12:08
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