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  • Zones of Regulation is a framework that teaches us how to manage our emotions by placing them into 4 categories of colors.


    Red Zone = Anger, rage, devastation, terror… When someone is in the Red Zone, it’s important for them to practice calming strategies so that they don’t hurt themselves or others.

    Yellow Zone = Stress, scared, frustration, anxiety, excitement, silliness, wiggly, nervous, worried.  In this zone, you need to slow down.

    Green Zone = Happy, focused, calm, content, ready to learn. The Green Zone is the ideal zone to be in during school. 

    Blue Zone = Low alertness, sad, tired, sick, lonely, bored.   Our body moves slowest in this zone.  You may need to rest in order to feel better.

  • While it is OK to have emotions in the red, blue and yellow zones, GREEN is the best zone for school.  Therefore, students will be learning strategies to help them get back to GREEN when they find themselves in the other zones.

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     We will relate Zones of Regulation to the characters in the movie Inside Out. 

    Click here to see how each character relates to the zones.

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