• Math 1, 2, 3 Standards


    Course Objective

    Students will

    • Develop an understanding of analytical and reasoning abilities.
    • Explore mathematical strategies for ensuring ALL learners can think critically and effectively to solve problems.
    • Select, evaluate and apply appropriate mathematical strategies to aid with interconnectivity of patterns, quantifiable relationships, comprehension, study skills, and vocabulary development.
    • Examine the role of standards, assessments and high stakes testing within the context of mathematical area literacy.

    Course Expectations and Policies

    • Check Canvas, this website and your BSA email account daily
    • Actively participate in all modules and monitor your progress  
    • Read all assigned materials and maintain a growth mindset 
    • Contact your me if you have any concerns, difficulties, or personal emergencies


    Communication is an essential part of this course. Asking for help from a distance and trying to “read between the lines” in online communication can be more challenging than in face-to-face environments. If you have a question for me, reach out via email at ebrown.bragg@lee.k12.nc.us. We also can set a time to chat via phone or video.

    Digital Education Contingency Plan

    As with any technology, Canvas and other Internet based content delivery systems have the potential for technical problems. Power outages and technology glitches are inevitable and are not acceptable excuses for late submissions.  If you are unable to complete work via technology, let me know ASAP as a hard copy packet can be made available to you to complete assignments.


    Students should maintain regular communication with me regarding their health status and any changes in their ability to complete coursework immediately. 


    • There are multiple types of assignments used in this course. Late work will negatively impact your grade. If you know in advance that you will be unable to submit an assignment, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss options for submitting the work. Work completed late will incur a 5 point per day deduction.
    • Please ask questions or request clarification.  Do not agonize if you have problems with technology.  Let me know if you are having trouble retrieving information, attachments, or if I refer to something that I have not posted. Also, it is imperative that you SAVE EVERYTHING that you submit.
    • Participation accounts for 20% of your grade.  Quizzes account for 35% and Assessments account for 45% of your grade.  
    • SUBMISSIONS:  If you have a printer at home, print the worksheets out and answer the questions on the sheet. Then take a photo of it and upload or send it me. Otherwise you can answer the questions on assignments, by stating page, then number of exercise, then letter of question. For example, Page 1. 1a) Record your answers in the reply section or either press the submit button and type your answers in. You also may submit via Google doc or a media recording.
    • How to take a screen shot of assignment https://drive.google.com/file/d/16urzb9R7S8jOY9_HPicqjiUjgyj3kli3/view
    • How to upload documents into an assignment https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eZDy0x4OM7EKITyWM5bKbI1eZZwgAy6w/view