• Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) provides the bridge needed by all students to deal with major societal issues such as work-and-family, health care, child and elder care, family and community violence and crime, global economics and politics, and technology usage. FCS Education is a catalyst to bring these issues into action-oriented, skill-building educational programs. The North Carolina FCS Education program provides a platform for students to transition into adult life by gaining a strong foundation of the knowledge and skills needed for successfully living and working in a diverse, global society.

    Classes offered (tentative): 

    1. Apparel and Textile Production
    2. Counseling and Mental Health
    3. Culinary Arts Applications
    4. Culinary Arts Internship
    5. Early Childhood Development and Services
    6. Food and Nutrition
    7. Food Products and Processing Systems
    8. Human Services
    9. Interior Design
    10. Teaching and Training