Being Prepared:

    You must come to class prepared and ready to go in the assigned seat when the bell rings.



    Attendance is taken on a daily basis. If absent from class, it is your responsibility to get the missing assignment/notes and make up any tests or quizzes that were missed.



    Daily directions will be displayed on the white board as you enter the classroom. You will need to read the directions and get started on the assignment. This includes “Bellringers''. Teacher should NOT tell you to do the “Bellringer” at the beginning of each class. Train yourself!


    Before class ends:

    If class work is finished early, you may: 1) read a book or magazine, 2) help the teacher with a task, or 3) complete homework for another class. Each student works at different paces and therefore, every student deserves a productive atmosphere to work in.


    Homework/Tutoring Schedule:

    There is only homework when you don’t utilize the time given in class to work on an assignment. Therefore, use the time I give you wisely and productively. If not, then you have homework to do. If additional help is needed, I’m available after school: After school with an appointment within a minimum of 24 hours notice.


    Late Homework:

    Turn work in ON TIME! Late work will NOT be accepted past two weeks from the original due date. Pay close attention to DUE dates on assignments. Hand in the work to the "Turn In" bin (paper assignments) for that course which is located on the teacher's desk or through the “Submit” button on Canvas. Teacher is not responsible for reminding you to turn your assignments in.


    Bathroom Passes:

    Students are expected to use the restroom during the times when classes are changing and during their lunch period. However, each student will receive 5 bathroom passes per quarter.  These passes are your responsibility and will not be replaced if they are lost.  Each unused pass can be returned at the end of the semester for 2 extra points towards your lowest grade.  When you are out of bathroom passes, you will not be allowed to leave the classroom during class unless there is an emergency and not at all during the first 10 and last 10 minutes of class.


    Class Dismissal:

    Teacher will dismiss class, NOT the bell. When instructed, you will clean up the area in which you were working and return any materials to their designated area before being dismissed.


    Classroom Policies and Discipline:


    • Follow Lee County High School Cell Phone Policy within the classroom. (If not, phone will be confiscated and put in the “Time Out” area locked inside the teacher’s office until the end of the block/day) 
      • Zones for cell phone/electronics 
        • Red – Not allowed
        • Yellow – Allowed with/without 1 ear bud according to teacher direction
        • Green – Allowed full (school appropriate) access with/without 1 ear bud 
    • Respect yourself, your classmates and your classroom. 
    • Be on time to class (before the tardy bell), and be mindful of absences.
    • Be prepared with classroom needs, such as writing utensils, paper/notebook… 
    • Be responsible for your learning. 
    • Actively listen and follow directions. 
    • Be collaborative with teams/groups.
    • Students are to behave in such a way as to permit the teacher to teach and all students to learn.
    • Handle equipment respectfully and safely.
    • Treat each person in this room with respect and dignity.
    • Remember WHY you are here: To LEARN in a SAFE environment and DO YOUR BEST!


    Consequences for breaking a policy:

    • Verbal warning/parent contact 1
    • Incident report/referral to principal/student/teacher conference/parent contact 2
    • Incident report/referral to principal/parental contact 3


    Severe behavior may result in immediate referral to the principal.


    Grading Policies:

    Quarterly grade weights: 

    • Major Assignments (Tests, Projects, Papers) - 40% 
    • Minor Assignments (Daily assignments, Quizzes, Labs) – 60%