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    Physical Education Handbook


    A physically educated person is one who has mastered the necessary movement skills to participate confidently in many different forms of physical activity; one who values physical fitness and understands that both are related to health and well being.

    The vision is for all students to be physically educated and have fun while moving.  Students who choose to actively participate in quality physical education programs receive a variety of benefits, including the development of:

    1.   A variety of motor skills and abilities related to lifetime leisure activities

    2.   Improved understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle

    3.   Improved understanding of movement and the human body

    4.   Improved knowledge of rules and strategies of particular games and sports

    5.   Self-confidence and self-worth as they relate to physical education recreation programs.


    1.    Students will develop competency in many movement activities.

    2.    Students will understand how and why they move in a variety of situations and use this information to enhance their own skills.

    3.    Students will achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

    4.    Students will exhibit a physically active lifestyle and will understand that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge and self-expression.

    5.    Students will demonstrate responsible personal behavior while participating in movement activities.

    6.    Students will demonstrate responsible social behavior while participating in movement activities.  Students will understand the importance of respect for others.

    7.    Students will understand the relationship between history, culture and games.


    1.    Anyone caught stealing or performing any other illegal action in the locker rooms will be referred to School Administration and a police report will be filed.

    2.    Food drinks or chewing gum will not be allowed in PE classes.


    Students are to be dressed in the required Lee County High School Physical Education Uniform every day.  Athletic shoes with rubber soles and athletic socks are to be worn to class.   School or street clothes (worn either under or over PE attire) is not acceptable attire for Physical Education class. Students without proper attire may be subject to being a non-participant.


    1.    Attend class daily dressed out in the proper PE attire.

    2.    Get to class and roll call on time. 

    3.    Complete all class responsibilities and required work.

    4.    Be responsible for all medical excuses, notes and admission forms.

    5.    Care for PE attire, including marking of name on each item, storing, and cleaning.

    6.    Keep the PE area clean and respect all facilities and equipment.

    7.    Obtain prior permission before missing a class for school-related business.

    8.    All PE students shall remain in the designated PE area until the passing bell rings at the end of the period.  Any student outside of the designated PE area will be in violation of classroom rules and will be marked “skipping” for that period.

    9.    All accidents and/or injuries should be reported to the teacher regardless of how minor the accident and/or injury seems to be.