LGBTQ students and their families are welcome

A Note About Pronouns (like she/her/hers)

  • If you arrived at this page through clicking the link in my email signature, you're in the right place! I include the personal pronouns that I use and that you should use to refer to me (she/her/hers) in my email signature. (A personal pronoun is a word that is used to refer to the person talking [I/me] or someone else [she, him, theirs] instead of their name).

    "Using someone’s correct personal pronouns is a way to respect them and create an inclusive environment, just as using a person’s name can be a way to respect them. Just as it can be offensive or even harassing to make up a nickname for someone and call them that nickname against their will, it can be offensive or harassing to guess at someone’s pronouns and refer to them using those pronouns if that is not how that person wants to be known." (from

    I choose to put my personal pronouns in my email signature to make it easier for others to do the same! Email me if you have more questions about this practice! (


    Hi students! 

    I want to share a few resources with you.

    One is the Campus Pride Index, a site that allows you to see what policies colleges you're considering have in place related to LGBTQ issues.

    Another resource is the Trevor Project, which has free crisis hotlines and text lines if you need emergency mental health support.

    I strive to create a welcoming and supportive space for all my students, so please let me know how I can support you!


    Ms. Beroset

Resources for LGBTQ+ Students and Allies