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    Financial Literacy is an important part of everyone's life. 

    Below are links to websites with activities to learn about Financial Literacy! 

    Have Fun! Explore and Learn! 

    Click on the Links below to gain more knowledge about Financial Literacy! 

    The Mint

    In a few years, you’ll get the opportunity to do all of things you’ve always dreamed about. You could go to college, sail the seas, launch your career, start a business or even start a family. No matter what you decide, you’ll need money smarts to make it happen.

    Are you ready for the real world? And do you have what it takes to make your dreams come true?

    This section will give you tips and tools for managing money. 

    Finance in the Classroom

    This site has numerous acivities.  Scroll down to the section labeled "Interactives for Teens".  Click on an activity that you would like to explore! 

    Hit the Road Financial Adventure

    Click "Start" to begin your Financial Adventure! 

    Financial Football

    Are you up for the challenge?  A fast-paced, engaging game that teaches money skills!