• LCS Curriculum Boosters

    Here is the website link: http://bit.ly/LCSCurriculumBoosters.

    The website is case sensitive.

    Welcome to our Curriculum Boosters website for Lee County Schools!
    In collaboration with teachers throughout the district, this remote learning opportunity was developed to provide students and families access to quality learning experiences in the event of a school closure. The coursework on this site may be used to supplement assignments provided by individual teachers through various digital platforms such as Canvas, Google Classroom or a students' LCS GMail account. This does not take the place of assignments/activities provided by individual teachers for their students.
    This site provides instruction and activities in various content areas in grades PreK-12 and is designed to support classroom instruction. All activities are designed to provide review or expand upon learning opportunities previously taught by classroom teachers. These materials are meant to deepen a child's understanding and prepare them for a return to traditional learning. Some best practices to consider during virtual learning are:
    •  Complete assignments and/or activities provided by your child's teacher prior to any activities on this page
    •  Develop a consistent schedule for your child to follow that closely aligns to their traditional school schedule
    •  Individual assignments and/or activities on this site are intended to be completed in 20-30 minutes. If more time is needed, we encourage breaks every 30-40 minutes.
    Our hope is to provide students, parents and our community with continued learning opportunities during this time of uncertainty. We will continue to update this site throughout the school closure and we encourage you to check back regularly.