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    Adobe Visual Design: Foundations of Design and Print Production

    ADOBE VISUAL DESIGN is a project-based course that develops ICT, career, and communication skills in print and graphic design using Adobe tools. This course is aligned to Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator ACA certification. English language arts are reinforced. Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course include job shadowing. Apprenticeship and cooperative education are possible for this course. SkillsUSA competitive events, community service through NTHS, and leadership activities provide the opportunity to apply essential standards and workplace readiness skills through authentic experiences.

    Adobe Visual Design develops four key skills:

    Students develop key skills in a spiral – each project adds more challenging skills to the foundation proficiencies. Students experience subject area skills across careers in digital and graphic design, illustration, photography, print and digital media production.

    This content prepares students for the following (ACA) Adobe Certified Associate exams:

    • Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop

    • Graphic Design and Illustration using Adobe Illustrator

    • Print & Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign

    The ACA is a nationally recognized certification towards this CTE career pathway.

      Projects include: Advertisements; Collages: Logos; Newsletters; Photo Manipulation Techniques; Portfolios; Stationary Package. All projects include some form of math and writing application skills as required by the CTE course curriculum. 

    How much does Wake Tech charge for Adobe Photoshop Level 1?  $149.  Adobe Photoshop Level 2? $149.  Cost for just 2 Photoshop courses? $300

    Plus $300 for 2 InDesign classes and $300 for 2 Illustrator courses. Grand Total? $900