What is a NAF Academy?

  • Our mission is to ENCOURAGE achievement and social responsibilities, ENGAGE students through real-world experiences, and ENABLE students to grow and be versatile amidst industry change. 

    The Academy of Engineering, in partnership with the parents and community, is committed to preparing students for service and leadership in engineering and related industries. 


    Academy graduates will….

    • Be better prepared for college AND career
    • Have more exposure to potential career opportunities
    • Have a working portfolio to demonstrate employability
    • Network with local, state, and national employers from many different industries
    • Complete an internship during their junior/senior year that will give them experience in the chosen industry (which may or may not be engineering)
    • Have an opportunity for scholarships from our local, state, and national business partners
    • Have the opportunity to achieve certification in Autodesk and Solidworks in addition to other certifications
    • Have the opportunity to earn a NAFTrack Certification that is nationally recognized and provides exclusive benefits through the National Academy Foundation


    NAF TRACK Certification

    In addition to the high school diploma, students will have the opportunity to be awarded an Academy of Engineering NAFTrack Certification their senior year. This certification provides an added advantage for employment and admission to certain university programs. 

    This certification is a National Certification granted by the National Academy Foundation once student has successfully completed all components of the honors curriculum, including presenting group projects, working and passing an employer evaluation in their paid internship, and serving the school and community through volunteerism.