Ms. Rakai Whittiker

Phone: X4758


Degrees and Certifications:

BA - California State University Long Beach: English Special Emphasis in American Literature, Critical Theory, Creative Writing/Poetry Masters in Education - National University, Los Angeles, CA: Cross-Cultural Teaching

Ms. Rakai Whittiker




Woot! Woot!


Welcome to the Wonderfilled World of the Wonderpets!  

I am your learning facilitator, Ms. Whittiker. I expect your very best on all days at all times.  Do I expect perfection?  No.  Do I expect your best effort?  Yes. 

I am a Highly Qualified teacher, as designated in three states, California (where I was born, raised and spent most of my adult life), North Carolina and Texas.  I have lived in North Carolina since 2009 and have taught either First Grade, Fourth Grade or Fifth Grade in North Carolina since 2012.

I am the mother of my magical ten year old daughter, the future wife of an amazing fellow and the human mama of an awesome little black cat named Hazel.  

I am generally quiet and peaceful and love to read a good story and solve real-life word problems.  I am a huge reader of almost any genre and am a curator of all things wildly random (which makes me excellent at Jeopardy, my favorite game show.)  Other favorites of mine include NPR, PRX and almost anything that has coconut, milk or dark chocolate, caramel and almonds or peanuts in it.  I have a goal to eventually learn Spanish and Arabic and want to visit all the deserts of the world.  I have been across the country many, many times and have been to 22 states.  My favorite types of food are probably Mediterranean and Indian.  I don't drink coffee, but I drink (hot) tea with almond milk and honey.

I am delighted to be a member of the W. B. Wicker faculty, but Watch Out!  I have no desire to "do school as usual."  Maybe you will have take home homework and maybe you won't.  We will likely do homework during class.  You may have completely different homework or classwork than the person next to you and you should be okay with that.  You will be expected to provide your own supplies, keep up with said supplies, and arrive at school *each* day prepared and ready to learn.  I like to say stay ready, so you don't have to get ready.  Please try to get at least NINE hours of sleep at night...we have things to do and very little time to get these things done.  *Your sleeping should be done at home.* Also please bring a healthy snack such as a piece of fresh fruit.  Your future self will thank you.

You are required to READ for at least 60 minutes per night.  Find something that you really enjoy and READ.  If it's necessary to read in four increments of 15 minutes or two increments of thirty minutes, make that happen.  No matter what, you must READ for one hour seven nights per week, no exceptions. 

You have my word that I will be behind you and beside you cheering you on and believing in you...but it is MOST important that you believe in yourself, do your best work at all times and appreciate the amazing opportunity that you have been given.