Degrees and Certifications:

Lisa Neal

"The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics."  ~ Paul Halmos


The goal of our high school mathematics courses is to ensure all students receive high-quality & meaningful mathematics instruction so that they not only learn how to do the math, but understand the math they are learning.  The learning climate should support high expectations for all students and foster a positive disposition to learning mathematics. Students need to actively explore mathematics using inquiry, manipulatives, technology, and cooperative learning.  Students will gain mathematics competence and fluency through the use of reasoning and critical thinking, problem solving, communication, modeling and representation, and making mathematical connections to the real world.  As a result, students will understand that mathematics is both a tool and a way of thinking that can be used to address global issues and problems. Through effective instruction, students will develop life-long learning skills in problem solving and communicating mathematically. This will enable students to become career and college ready.