• Natalie N. Stewart, Mathematics Teacher


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  • Ms. Stewart’s Schedule

    1st BLOCK: Math 2 Honors-AE



    2nd BLOCK: AFM



    Decodyne Math Wall Clock - Unique Wall Clock - Each Hour Marked by a Simple Math Equation3rd BLOCK: PLANNING



    4th BLOCK: Math 2 Honors





    Math 2 is an Algrebra based math course with some understanding of geometry. This course consist of learning the real number system, defining complex numbers, understanding and interpreting the difference between an expression and an equation in problem solving, how to solve polynominals by way of arithmetic, solving equations/inequalities, understanding the concept of functions, congruence/similarities of triangles, learning about the learning the different types of transformations, and probability.


    Advance Functions and Modeling (AFM) is a 

    Advanced Functions and Modeling (AFM) is a new high-school mathematics course offered in North Carolina beginning in fall 2004. This course is designed for students who do not plan to continue math after Algebra 2, but need to have a fourth year of mathematics.

    AFM is focused on applying functions through modeling. Students learn to solve problems using analytical skills, probability ideas, and functions. The functions should originate from real world situations so students are able to connect the functions to more concrete ideas. Technology is imperative for this course during instruction for a true understanding of the material.