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    Southern Lee High School
    English 1 Course Syllabus

    Teacher: Ms. Mary Long
    Contact Information: mlong.sl@lee.k12.nc.us
    (919) 718-2400, ext. 2127
    Required Materials
    College ruled loose leaf paper,
    A three-ring binder (at least 2” thick)
    Highlighters, blue or black pens, pencils, erasers
    Index cards
    2 Independent Reading Project Books (more information to come later)
    *If acquiring school supplies is a personal hardship for you, please come talk to me privately and I will ensure that you get the school supplies you need in order to be academically successful.

    Student Expectations
    Dress Code
    The following are inappropriate and not permitted:
    Sagging pants, oversized clothing, or pajamas
    Sunglasses, headbands, head coverings or hats of any kind inside the buildings
    Bandanas, do-rags, and stocking caps are not allowed on the school campus, school or activity buses/vans, or at any school sponsored or school approved activity, wherever located
    Clothing and accessories which can be perceived as weapons including, but not limited to, chains and fishhooks
    Clothing and attire with any symbols or styles frequently associated with intimidation, violence, or violent groups
    Clothing and items with messages or illustrations which are lewd, derogatory, indecent, vulgar, or advertising any product or service not permitted by law to minors such as drugs, illegal substances, tobacco, and alcohol
    Clothing, shorts, dresses, and skirts which are excessively tight or shorter than 1 inch below the longest finger tip (front, back, and side of clothing). Leggings and/or yoga pants are permitted with shirt/blouse/sweater covering groin and buttocks when standing.
    Clothing which is suggestive or revealing
    Clothing with any holes of any size above the knee, see-through materials, strapless or spaghetti tops, tank tops less than 2 inches on the shoulder seam
    Clothing exposing cleavage, midriff, and undergarments (the neckline cannot be any lower than the crease of the armpit).
    Clothing worn inappropriately such as unbuckled belts, inside out or backward, unfastened, pants and skirts not at waistline, rolled up pants and shoes not tied or secured
    Bedroom slippers. All students must wear shoes.
    Face paint

    Tardy Policy
    According to the 2019-2020 Student Handbook, the following actions will be taken:
    3 unexcused tardies = 1 absence; teacher will contact parent and document
    6 unexcused tardies = 1 absence; referral to ISS coordinator; ISS coordinator will contact parent and document; exclusion from extracurricular activities including athletic and band practices/competitions on or off campus for 5 school days
    9 unexcused tardies = 1 absence; referral to administration for 1 full day of ISS and parent contact; if applicable; loss of parking privileges for two weeks; exclusion from extracurricular activities including athletic and band practices/competitions on or off campus for 10 school days
    10 or more tardies in any class may result in administratively assigned discipline up to and including OSS

    Electronic Devices
    Southern Lee High School will designate areas for cell phone/earbud use as follows:
    Green Zone—students may use their cell phones and/or 1 earbud
    Yellow Zone—students may use their cell phones and/or 1 earbud according to specific directions of an adult staff member
    Red Zone—students may not use their cell phone or their earbuds
    Common areas such as the cafeteria, gyms, and hallways will have colored signs posted to make you aware of the zone you are in. Teachers have the right to establish their own cell phone zones within their classroom.
    This class is a red zone for electronic devices, including but not limited to phones, headphones, Chromebooks, personal laptops, and tablets. Devices must be stowed away upon entering the room. Unless I give permission otherwise, they are not to be used. At any time, if it is determined that a student is in violation of the cell phone zone, teachers/staff reserve the right to confiscate electronics and turn them in to the office for parent pick-up at the end of the day according to rules and consequences regarding authorized and unauthorized use stated below:
    Offense 1 - confiscation of item; parents only may pick up item no earlier than the end of the school day
    Offense 2 - confiscation of item; parents only may pick up item no earlier than the end of the school day; student receives 1 day of ISS
    Offense 3 - refer to rule 21 Habitual Violation of School Rules, Lee County Schools Code of Student Conduct or other disciplinary action as determined by the site principal – up to 10 days OSS
    **Any refusal to comply with confiscation of item WILL result in automatic 3 days OSS

    Southern Lee High School Late Work Policy
    A student can make up work missed during absences and out-of-school suspensions. Students have 2 days per absence to make up missing work that was assigned while absent. Students are responsible for finding out what was missed and scheduling a time after school to complete the assignment(s). If you are staying after school, you must communicate with me beforehand. Students may make up a maximum of 2 missed assignments per interim period for a maximum grade of 70. See the schedule included to keep track of the interim periods. This schedule is posted in our classroom and will be referenced throughout the year.

    Interim Periods and Progress Reports
    Interim periods are a span of 3 weeks. Students must submit missing work by the last day of each interim period. This policy is a school-wide policy, and will be enforced in all classes.
    Interim #1
    August 26-September 13
    September 13: Progress Reports for all students
    Interim #2
    September 16-October 4
    October 4: Progress Reports for all students & At-Risk Phone Calls
    Interim #3
    October 7-October 25
    October 25: End of Quarter
    Interim #4
    October 28-November 15
    November 15: Progress Reports for all students
    Interim #5
    November 18-December 13
    December 13: Progress Reports for all students & At-Risk Phone Calls
    Interim #6
    December 16-January 17
    January 17: End of Quarter

    PowerSchool Mondays
    Teachers will give time during each block on Mondays for students to log into PowerSchool
    to check grades. Look for accuracy, missed assignments, and timeliness. Additionally, students should monitor their absence/tardy status. Students should communicate directly with their teachers in order to resolve any grade/attendance issues noted each Monday.

    Academic Dishonesty
    Plagiarism, cheating, or any form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Any violation will result in a zero for the assignment grade. If I can find your sentence on the internet, in a book, or in another student’s work, you plagiarized. Further consequences will be enacted for repeated violations.

    Grades will be distributed among the following categories. I will always communicate to you what the expectation is for the task at hand.
    Major (tests, essays, group projects, presentations, etc.) - 40%
    Minor (quizzes) - 35%
    Daily (reflections, classwork, homework) - 25%

    Bathroom/Hall Pass Policy
    Students must always get permission before leaving the classroom. Regardless of the reason, students must sign out when they leave the classroom and sign back in when they return. No students can leave during the first and last 10 minutes of each block. Abuse of privileges or violation of any of these policies will result in a limited number of assigned bathroom passes for the semester.

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