English I Course Information


    Course Focus:


    English I is a course in which you are going to be looking at how to read and interpret more intense literature than in previous years. We will be looking at many genres of literature (such as fiction, non-fiction, speech, essay, theatre, and poetry) in order to get a more expansive view of what literature is and can be, as well as how to interpret its many forms. 


    Late Work Policy:


    See Student Handbook 2019-2020, page 7 for the school-wide policy. Late work may not be turned in without a Late Work Form filled out and stapled to the front of the assignment.


    Classroom Policies:


    This classroom will have five basic rules; however, all derivatives of those rules should be adhered to, as well.

    1. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. (Covey)
    2. We will not interrupt when another person is speaking.
    3. We will respect (meaning try to understand and engage effectively with) all opinions.
    4. Opinions that express ideas disallowing someone’s right to exist in this classroom or the world will not be tolerated.
    5. If there is any problem, we will go to the teacher and explain (either in-person or in an e-mail) what it is to come to a solution.




    The goal of a consequence is not to punish, but rather to equip students to better deal with problems. It is the goal of these consequences that the student and teacher can solve the problems together without having to move up to more significant trouble. The consequences for breaking the aforementioned rules are as follows, moving up in severity**:


    1. Warning by the teacher (up to two): the teacher will specifically ask the student to stop whatever rule-breaking action s/he is committing
    2. Student-Teacher conference: the teacher will meet with the student outside of class to discuss a solution to the issue. Failure to attend this meeting will result in a move to Consequence 4 and 5.
    3. Behavior Essay: the student will spend extra time writing an essay (based upon material provided by the teacher, which must be read in its entirety) that seeks to explain the behavior and its negative consequences to the student, his/her fellow students, the teacher, the administration, and the country at large.
    4. Parent/Guardian-Teacher or Parent/Guardian-Teacher-Student Conference: the parents/guardians of the student will meet with the teacher (along with the student if desired) to discuss the issue and a plan of action for remediation.
    5. Administrative Referral: the student will be sent to administration to discuss remediation.


    **Depending on the issue, the teacher reserves the right to move a student to any of these levels at any given time.

    Grading Policy:


    As per English Department standards, the grading breakdown is as follows (based on 100 pt. scale):


    Major Assignments (tests, projects): 45%

    Minor Assignments (quizzes): 30%

    Daily Assignments (classwork, homework): 25%


    Materials Needed:


    For this course, you will need the following:

    • One one-subject notebook or composition book
    • Two pens or differing colors (i.e., one black and one blue) OR a pencil and a pen
    • Optional: a folder in which to store papers for review and grades


    Contact Information:


    In order to contact me, you may either email me or use my school phone number:

    E-mail: jbataille.sl@lee.k12.nc.us

    Phone: (919) 718-2400 ext. 2143