• Civics and Economics

    It is essential that students acquire economic and political knowledge and skills in order to become responsible and effective citizens in an interdependent world. They study about the economic, legal, and political systems because they need a practical understanding of those systems that affect their lives as consumers and young adult citizens. The placement of this course is deliberately designed to enable students to avoid making costly mistakes as consumers, as operators of motor vehicles, and as adults in the eyes of the law. 


    This survey course in Psychology will begin with a definition of what psychology is and why we study it. We will spend some time on the history of Psychology and its founding fathers. A portion of the class will be spent taking notes, working with the textbook, teacher presentations, demonstrations and experiments. Throughout the semester we will examine the learning and cognitive processes, the workings of the mind and body, developmental stages of life, personality, stress, breakdown and therapy, human relationships and research.