• Lee County Schools At-Risk Coordinator

    The At-Risk Coordinator of Lee County Schools primarily works with high schools but also provides additional support to all schools within the district. Student Support and leadership teams may refer students who are at risk of dropping out, or who have multiple at-risk factors. A few of the goals for at-risk services are to:

    • Facilitate and coordinate the communication among various constituencies and other resource staff on drop out prevention and intervention.
    • Collaborate with school counselors and career resource advisers in assisting at-risk students in the development of individual learning plans and post-secondary plans.
    • Provide outreach and support to students and families to increase parent and student engagement in education.
    • Identify students who have dropped out and encourage them to re-engage in school (dropout recovery).

    Upon referral, case loads are identified and followed up by the at-risk coordinator. A corresponding plan is designed to meet the needs of the student and intervene to keep them on track for graduation within the 4-year cohort rate.

    Click HERE for the at-risk website.