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Emergency Action Plan Information

  • An emergency is the need for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to provide further medical attention and/or to facilitate transportation of an athlete to the local hospital for advanced care. It is important in these situations that coordination is utilized between the certified athletic trainer, coaches, and administrators. An Emergency Action Plan is intended to delineate roles and outline the protocol to be followed should an emergency occur, and to provide specific instructions for various medical emergencies that can occur during athletics.

    Our athletic trainer routinely evaluates the EAP for Southern Lee High School and updates as needed with the approval of administration, and the team physician. 

    **Shown in the image on this page is an abbreviated version of the EAP located at the following locations:

    • Football/Track Concessions
    • Baseball/Softball Concessions
    • Basketball Gymnasium
    • Tennis Courts



    19'-20' SLHS Emergency Action Plan

    Last Revised : 8/19/2019