Sports Medicine Student Aide Program

  • At Southern Lee High School, under the direct supervision of our Head Athletic Trainer, students have the opportunity to directly assist Doc with after school athletics. This is a great learning experience for high school students who are interested in medical professions, sports, sports injuries, rehabilitation, nutrition, and prevention of injury/illness. 

    This program was designed to allow all students at SLHS to be apart of Sports Medicine. Students who take Sports Medicine as a class during normal school are required to obtain "hours" in Sports Medicine and will work alongside students in the Sports Medicine Student Aide Program. Students who take Sports Medicine as a class are certainly able to be in the program as well!

    Students can obtain a prospective application by visiting Doc in Room 931 to receive a packet to be filled out and returned. 

    The National Athletic Training Association (NATA) provides guidelines for this program, which will be followed.

    More information can be found about the foundational rules/guidelines at the link below:

    NATA Student Aide Guidelines

    Please read the following FAQ for specific questions that students/parents typically have regarding the program:

    1. Q: What is the first step in being accepted into the Sports Medicine Student Aide Program?

    • A: Download/receive an application and fully complete and return to Doc for consideration.


    2. Q: What are reasons that would prevent me from being accepted into the program?

    • A: Discipline issues, over-commitments in athletics/clubs/work, low GPA


    3. Q: What kind of time commitment is required in the program?

    • A: Unfortunately there is no concrete answer due to the nature of sports scheduling. A typical day for athletics begins right after school at 3:00PM. Most practices end around 6:00PM. Games can last until around 8:00PM. Specifically with football, students in the program have the opportunity to travel on the school bus under supervision of Doc & coaches to away games. It is reasonible to expect arriving back at SLHS around 10:30PM depending on the distance traveled for the away game. For home football games, it is reasonible to expect being done around 9:30PM. For football games, it is required to have means of safely getting home!


    4. Q: Would I travel for any sports other than Football?

    • A: No. Our athletic trainer is only required to travel with our JV and V football teams during the Fall season. 


    5. Q: What kind of duties, tasks, or assignments would I assist Doc with during athletic practices or games?

    • A: Students have the opportunity to assist Doc for our athletic teams with basic first aid, hydration, injury prevention, and being an additional set of eyes and ears for Doc on the sidelines to spot injuries in real time!


    6. Q: Are their any other benefits or certifications I gain for being apart of the Sports Medicine Student Aide Program?

    • A: Absolutely! You become CPR/First Aid certified as a lay responder for a discounted price! (more information provided once accepted into the program) You gain first-hand experience working alongside a medical professional, and you work alongside athletic sports teams and see how they operate. Treat this program as work, and Doc will be glad to provide reference letters to places of employment, schools, or any other places of interest to advance your knowledge/career path! 

    7. Q: Is there a certain attire that I need to wear at practices or games?

    • A: Yes! During practices wear comfortable athletic clothing following SLHS's dress code policy. For games, with the funds raised from the CPR certification class, polos will be purchased and provided to each student in the program. Along with the polos, wear khaki pants and athletic shoes! Pending weather, Doc will give you a heads up regarding rain/muddy fields. 


    If you or your parents have any additional questions, feel free to email me at