Parent Welcome Letter

  • Hello,


    I look forward to working with your student, as their career and college adviser. This is a very invigorating time for your student, as they begin taking college courses through the Career and College Promise (CCP) program through Central Carolina Community College.

    This program gives your child the opportunity to earn tuition-free college credits that will transfer to a community college or four-year university. Your child must receive a letter grade of at least a C (numerical grade of 70 or higher) for the course to transfer.

    Please make sure to read through the application packet carefully and review the FAQ's.  The FAQ page does go into more detail about grades, courses, etc.  College classes differ from high school classes, therefore I want to address any questions or concerns that parents may have about this opportunity.


    1. Student Responsibilities: It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with assignments and due dates. Please note that college professors will not accept late work. Students should refer to their class syllabus on Blackboard for all course information and expectations. Most professors will provide a week-by-week layout for the entire semester. I advise all students to have a planner to write down due dates for all of their assignments at the beginning of the semester. They should use their time wisely in the distance education lab to ensure they are successful in their college class. Students need to be proactive, organized, and responsible, to be successful in their college classes.
    2. Attendance: Central Carolina Community College’s attendance policy states that students cannot miss 20% or more of the class or the student can be withdrawn from the course. For online classes, students receive attendance through CCCC by turning in weekly assignments. If a student fails to turn in assignments, they are marked absent for the week by the community college.
    3. Grades: Students have access to their grades at any time throughout the semester via blackboard. If you ever want to see your student’s grades, have them log in to their blackboard account. If they claim they do not know their username or password, please contact me. The grade they receive in this class does affect their high school GPA AND their college GPA.  Withdrawing or Failing a CCP class does have the possibility to affect their college financial aid.  In other words, the grade in the CCP class is very important.  Students will receive an ‘incomplete” on their high school report cards until the end of the semester. Please see the FAQ page for detailed information about high school weight for CCP courses, the transferability of courses, and how grades are reported. 
    4. Adviser: I am not your student’s professor. However, I am their career and college advisor and I am here to help them succeed. I will actively listen to your student’s questions and concerns to provide information, support, and guidance. I will assist your students in understanding the significance of higher education and the impact it has on their future. I will encourage your students to develop realistic educational and career goals. I will monitor your student’s grades and provide support to them as necessary. Lastly, I will treat your college student as an adult with respect and courtesy. I am available for meetings by appointment.


    I hope this program will allow your child to develop skills and knowledge that will ready them for success in college and careers. Thank you for being a partner in your child’s education.



           Heather McKenzie

           Career and College Adviser-Lee County High School

           Phone: 919-776-4626 ext. 2659, Room 2223 LCHS, Core Building




    For information specific to SUMMER semester please click here: Summer CCP Parent Letter