Mrs. Gonzalez’ English IV Class 

    Southern Lee High School    Fall 2019

    Room: 509

    Phone: (919) 718-2400 ex. 2104

    E-mail: kgonzalez.sl@lee.k12.nc.us


    Course Overview


    As an English IV student, you will be reading and carefully analyzing a wide variety of British and Western European Literature while deepening your awareness of important cultural themes and drawing connections with your own experiences. You will be expected to read and respond to a variety of texts both independently and collaboratively. 

    All lessons and assignments are designed to align with the North Carolina English Language Arts Standard Course of Study which can be found at the following link: http://www.corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy/


    The following college-preparatory skills will be developed through this course: 

    • Critical thinking
    • Close reading and literary analysis
    • Reading and discussion of many different genres of British literature, including novels, plays, nonfiction essays, poems, and short stories 
    • Cultural literacy
    • Various forms of written and verbal communication 
    • Vocabulary and grammar 


    Resources we will use:

    • Classroom set of chromebooks (not to leave my classroom)
    • Textbook (checked out to student)
    • Supplementary texts (checked out to student) 


    Expectations and Procedures

    I expect good behavior and excellent work from every student every day. 

    1. Students must be in the room from the moment the bell rings to begin class until the moment the bell rings to end class. If you arrive late to class without a note, you will be counted tardy.  Keep in mind the school’s tardy policy:


    • 3 tardies- 1 absence and a call home
    • 6 tardies- 1 absence, a call home, and no extracurriculars for 5 days
    •  9 tardies- 1 absence, ISS, and no extracurricular activities for 10 days 


    1. Students must come to class ready to learn. This means coming to class rested, focused and prepared with all materials EVERY DAY
    2. Students must demonstrate respect to everyone in the room. 
    3. Students will have no food in class. Drinks with lids are fine.
    4. Each student is allowed FIVE bathroom passes for each nine weeks. Use them wisely. I will issue extra credit at the end of the semester for any unused passes. 
    5. All late work should be submitted with a  completed Late Assignment Sheet stapled to the front. No late work will be accepted or graded without a Late Assignment Sheet. 
    6. I follow the school-wide phone policy. My classroom is a RED ZONE unless otherwise stated. 
    7. Plagiarism results in an automatic zero and a phone call home. 
    8. Talking during a test or quiz makes me assume you are cheating; therefore, all parties involved will receive an automatic zero.



    1. Warning 
    2. Teacher conference with student
    3. Parent contact
    4. Office referral 



    1. Writing utensils (Pens must be blue or black ink only. I need to be able to READ your work.)
    2. Lined, college-ruled, loose-leaf paper 
    3. Spiral notebook (to be kept in binder)
    4. Highlighter (any color that actually highlights) 
    5. Binder to keep grammar work/handouts/vocab/tests/quizzes
    6. Post-it notes for annotation


    Attendance and Make-up Work


    Students can make up work missed during absences and suspensions. Students will receive TWO days per absence to make up missing work that was assigned while absent. The student is responsible for getting their missing work. Any work assigned prior to absences and due on an absence date are due upon the student’s return. 


    Late/Missing Work


    ANY assignment not completed by the due date in circumstances other than absence is considered MISSING or LATE. In an effort to provide intervention and support for students, Southern Lee High School will implement the following missed work policy: 


    • Students may make up a maximum of TWO missed assignments per interim period for a maximum grade of  70. 



    Making up work/Tutoring


    For makeup work (tests and quizzes)  and extra help, I am available after school by appointment. 


    Please utilize these appointments! If you are struggling in class, I am here to help. I am interested in helping you succeed and will do what I can to guide you in the right direction. If you are struggling for any reason (personal or academic) please reach out. I can’t help you if you don’t take responsibility and ask. Grade remediation opportunities may also be discussed during these appointments. 



    Assignments in my class fall into these categories:

    Homework/Participation = 20%

    Minor Assessments  (class work, quizzes) = 35%

    Major Assessments (tests, quizzes, large projects, essays) = 45  %

    Total                                       =   100%


    NOTE: One daily assignment grade will be dropped every quarter.


    I look forward to a successful school year. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns. Please hold on to this syllabus for reference.




    Mrs. Kayla Gonzalez