• Course Expectations


    Math 1

    Math 1 is the first math course in the North Carolina High School Math Graduation Requirement Sequence.  Math 1 students study linear, exponential, and quadratic functions.  They also learn to prove a figure is a specific type of a triangle or quadrilateral through the understanding of parallel and perpendicular lines, midpoint and distance . Math 1 students continue work from middle school on statistics, describing univariate and bivariate data distributions.  At the end of the course, students take the Math 1 End-of-Course Exam.

    Math 4

    Math 4 is a course that is designed to prepare the student for college mathematics.  The primary focus of this course is on functions and statistical thinking, continuing the study of algebra, functions, trigonometry and statistical concepts previously experienced in NC Math 1-3. The course is designed to be a capstone to introductory statistical concepts. Additionally, the course intentionally integrates concepts from algebra and functions to demonstrate the close relationship between algebraic reasoning as applied to the characteristics and behaviors of more complex functions. In many cases, undergraduate students majoring in nonSTEM fields will take an entry-level Algebra or Introductory Statistics course.


    Precalculus is a course that is designed to prepare the student for calculus, whether it is the AP Calculus class or a first Calculus course at college.  The purpose of Precalculus is to build upon the study of algebra, functions, and trigonometry experienced in previous high school mathematics courses. This course will build on students’ algebraic skills and understanding of functions to delve into real world phenomena and to deepen understanding of the functions in the course. This course is designed for students pursuing careers in STEM-related fields.