• Lee County High School

    Course:Child Development

    Instructor: Mrs. Sabrina Baldwin

    Course Description: This course introduces students to responsible nurturing and basic applications of child development theory.  Emphasis is on the parent’s responsibilities and the influences that they have on children while providing care and guidance.  Topics covered in this course include; teen pregnancy, abstinence, selecting childcare programs, discipline of children, prenatal development and delivery, and care of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Careers in child development will also be discussed.  Skills in communication, resource management, and problem solving are reinforced in this course.  Click on blue links for more information about Child Development and what will be going on and what is covered in this course.


    Quarter Grade: 60% of grade – Daily work, participation, quizzes, bell ringers (Homework is minimum for is minimum for this class.)

                               40% of grade – Test, Projects

    Final Course Grade: 40% from 1st  Quarter   

                                       40% from 2nd Quarter

                                       40% from 3rd Quarter

                                       40% from 4th Quarter

                                    20% Final Exam (2023-24 will be a state-field-test)

    We will follow the LCHS guidelines re-do policy.  We will make every effort for you to achieve mastery and succeed in the high school setting!  Tutorials/ Make-up are offered daily before and after school and during lunch.  The times and dates must be scheduled by the teacher.  Notification will be given if the teacher is unavailable.  Tutorial / Make-up times must be scheduled one day in advance.  There is a one-day turn-around for test make-up and 3-day turn-around for all other classwork.  

    All students will follow classroom management for cell phones.  Due to cell phones interrupting daily classroom instructions and students' inability to adhere to cell phone school policy, each day students enter the child development classroom, students will be given the first 10 minutes at the beginning of scheduled class time to respond to messages.  Students will then be asked by the classroom teacher to place their phones in our phone holder at the front of the class.  This holder is in front of the teacher's desk where all students and the teacher can visibly see.  10 minutes prior to ending class, students have been productive in class, students may retrieve and utilize their phones.  Students will not be allowed to retrieve their phones while using the bathroom.  Unethical conduct sometimes occurs when students misuse the purpose of going to the bathroom with their phones.   This is still at the discretion of the classroom teacher.  My goal as a classroom teacher, is for all students to be very successful in Child Development.  Elimination of cell phone distraction will assist  students in reaching this goal.  If parents /caretakers need to contact students, they may call the school @ (919) 776-7541 and ask to get a message to my classroom or call my classroom.  My extension is 2512.  As parents/caretakers, I am asking for your support with this classroom management of cell phones.  Please feel free to contact me with any concerns.


    Required Supplies:  You will need these items for this class.  Notebooks are for this class only!                                                     

    2 in. 3 ring notebook with loose leaf paper and dividers- class notebook         

    Writing pens and pencils / Colored pencils, colored sharpie markers, high lighter

    FE60 Child Development 2023 Curriculum Guide-new 2023.docx