• Lee County High School

    Course: Early Childhood Education 

    Instructor: Mrs. Sabrina Baldwin

    Course Description:

    Early Childhood Education is the first course in two credit sequence designed to prepare students to work with young children in early education and childcare settings.  The focus is on children from infancy to age twelve.  Major areas of study include personal and professional growth, observation an teaching methods, guidance techniques, health and safety policies, child development from birth to twelve, developmentally appropriate activities, history of the early childhood field, and opportunities in early childhood education.  This two credit course with work-based learning, field trips, and job shadowing comprises 50% of instructional time.


    Quarter Grade: 60% of grade – Daily work, participation, quizzes, internship, notebook

                               40% of grade – Test, Projects, 

    Final Course Grade: 40% from 1st Quarter

                                       40% from 2nd Quarter

                                    20% Final Exam (No Exemptions)

    We will follow the LCHS guidelines re-do policy.  We will make every effort for you to achieve mastery and succeed in the high school setting!  Tutorial/ Make-up are offered on daily before and after school and during lunch.  Students must schedule dates and times with teacher.  Notification will be given if teacher is unavailable.  Tutorial / Make-up times must be scheduled one day in advance.  There is a one-day turn-around for test make-up and 3-day turn-around for all other classwork.

    Required Supplies:  You will need these items for this class.  Notebooks are for this class only!                                                    

    2 in. 3 ring notebook with loose leaf paper and dividers- class notebook         

    Writing pens and pencils / Colored pencils, colored sharpie markers, highlighter

    Plastic page protectors

    Internship Guidelines when permissible

    Scrubs or preferred LCHS ECE tee shirts are required for Internship.  No ripped jeans are to be worn during internship visits.  Shirts and Scrubs must cover students' buttocks.  Appropriate shoes must be warn at all times.  Appropriate shoes include; tennis shoes, closed-toe shoes. No high heals, wedges, sandals are permitted.  The dress code is at the discretion of the ECE Teacher.

    TB-Skin Test are needed prior to working face-to-face with children. 

    Students who misbehave during internship will be referred to the Administration asap upon returning to school.

    Internship is 50% of students' grades.  Therefore, students must attend unless he/she is ill; away on a school-sponosored field-trip with another class, or has direct permission from teacher.

    Make-up for missing internship must be made up with-in a week of date (s) missed.  Make-up for missing internship will be written assignments and is at the teacher's discretion.  You will not be able to receive full credit for missing internship due to students not being able to attend childcare centers or schools without permission or on their own.         

    FE11 Early Childhood Education

    Fe11 Early Childhood Education PBM

    Early Childhood internship-student requirements-