Ancient Global History

  • This year we are going to be traveling back in time and around the world. Together we are going to discover new and amazing places, learn about different cultures, and investigate how civilizations have evolved over time. We will discuss everything from the very beginning of civilization to the very start of the Renaissance. Along the way, we will travel to Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, Rome, Greece, China, Japan, Africa, Europe, and then back to America for a study into the early societies that were here.

    Through this journey, we are going to be developing many skills this year that are meant to help both in school and in life. The goal is to encourage everyone to be lifelong learners. In this classroom, we will be focusing on skills that involve analysis, inquiry, and interpretation. We will be using a number of different resources including images, maps, graphs, videos, websites, and written documents. These will help give a full picture of the topic that is being covered.

  • Please note that all of the plans on this calendar are subject to change.