Are you moving to Lee County Schools?

  • Welcome!

    If you are new to Lee County Schools and have questions about special education, please visit our Parent Resource Page or contact Lindsay Earl via email.

    In order to make your student's transition into Lee County Schools go smoothly, it is very important to provide your students' new school copies of the following information during registration:

    • Most recent psychoeducational report, eligibility, evaluation and/or reevaluation report
    • Current individualized education program (IEP)
    • Contact information for your student's previous school and school district.

    These items will support a successful transition between your student's old and new school and will ensure that appropriate services and supports are made available.

    What to expect

    For out of state students:

    Once you have shared your student's special education records, school staff will invite you to a meeting to discuss comparable services, or services similar to or the same as, provided on your student's most recent IEP. During the meeting,school staff will also describe the initial eligibility process that occurs when students move from out of state and the timeline in which an initial North Carolina (NC) IEP will be developed.

    For in state students but new to LCS

    School staff will begin implementing your student's current NC on their first day of school. An invitation to review and revise your student's IEP may be scheduled. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss your student's transition to a new school and to determine if any adjustments to the services and supports currently being provided are needed.


    Exceptional children who enroll in the Lee County Schools must enroll in the school in their attendance zone.  If a parent would like to request a transfer to a different school outside of their attendance zone, please visit this link to find more information about how to do so.  Student Transfer Requests: