Are you moving to Lee County Schools?

  • Exceptional children who enroll in the Lee County Schools must enroll in the school in their attendance zone.  If a parent would like to request a transfer to a different school outside of their attendance zone, please visit this link to find more information about how to do so.  Student Transfer Requests:

    The transfer process for students who move from OUT-OF-STATE with a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and for students who move from IN-STATE with a current IEP will be slightly different but both will immediately receive special education services from Lee County Schools. 

    Please see the below the Transfer Process for students who have a current IEP:

    OUT-OF-STATE with a current IEP-

    • Comparable Services
    • Initial Process-Evaluation
    • Initial Process-Consent for the provision of services
    • Adopt or develop a new IEP o Request for Records

    IN-STATE with a current IEP-

    • Comparable Services
    • Review and Revise the IEP (if needed)
    • Request for Records
    • Parent/Teacher Conference/IEP Team Meeting
    • Review Records for Compliance