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    First I would like to say, I hope everyone is healthy and doing great. Make sure if you do any of the exercises or dances you have adequate room to move and you don't hurt yourself or break anything in your house. Go Noodle is a great website but you will have to get your parents permission to create an account to log into it. Its very educational and we do zumba dances from this website every year. The whip /nea nea and Party Rock are fitness dances that other teachers uploaded to youtube and are creative ways to exercise. The Party Rock has a brief Tutorial an d the whip / nea nea is self guided. The other three videos are fitness related by Joe Wicks "Nations P.E. Teacher", and do several little exrcises to get you EXERCISE!!! Be well all, and get some exercise!!! My office hours that I will respond back to emails is 12pm to 1 pm daily at aard.ingram@lee.k12.nc.us , have a great energetic day!! I added Mr. Ard's Jump Rope Challenge March 27, 2020!!




    Mr. Ard